Sustainability Reporting & Assurance
We prepare corporate sustainability reports according to our clients’ needs, while adhering to international standards and local guidelines.
  Environmental Consulting Services
We provide professional services that include environmental impact assessment and issuance of green building certification.
  Green Finance

  We provide a green bond certification
service for listed companies.


Strength in Our Shareholders’ Professional Expertise and Background   Effective Communication Skills and Solid Experience in Sustainable Development   Expert Consultancy Team
Our network of shareholders has a strong and comprehensive background, even with regards to sustainable development. For those industries which have potentially significant impacts on the environment and require responsible management to maintain a sustainable overall business or chain of operations, we provide customized solutions such as ESG reporting in accordance with the HKEX ESG Reporting Guide, to solve impact issues as well as enhance sustainable development for their respective industries. With our excellent communication skills and rich knowledge of sustainable development, we give deep insights into the environmental-related policies of different countries, the status quo of the development among various industries, and the direction of future energy-saving and emission reduction development. Our professionals can swiftly understand the internal management mechanism of our clients from different industries, identify the important issues to report, and disclose key information through ESG/CSR reporting. This process assists in building an appropriate information management system. Our consultancy team, with both domestic and international members, provides our customers with a series of professional services such as innovating their current energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, as well as issuing green bond certification. With our rich practical experience, we are committed to create efficient solutions that generate value for our clients and integrate sustainability values into their business, making them a sustainable enterprise that is respected by the market.







Consultation Paper on Review of the Envoronment, Social and Governance Reporting Guide by the HKEx G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by the Global Reporting Initiative Environmental Protection Department



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